Finalized the definitive and executive planning of the interventions

Finalized the definitive and executive planning of the interventions

Between May and August 2018 the LIFE REDUNE project partners have been involved in defining of the conservation interventions of dune habitats, all formalized in the final-executive planning carried out by the project partner EPC srl. The actions in the field described by definitive-executive planning are the following:

Action C1: Interventions for the reduction of the anthropic impact on the habitats
Action C3: Habitat restoration 2110-2120
Action C4: Habitat restoration 2250 * – 2270 *
Action C5: Strengthening the populations of Stipa Veneta *
Action C6: Eradication of the alien invasive species Oenothera stucchii.

The definitive-executive planning is composed of graphic drawings and technical reports describing the conservation interventions within the territorial context, defined by various elements including the municipal urban plans and the cadastral maps.

Specifically, in the context of Action C1, the planning involves the construction of: fences to confine existing routes and therefore limit foot traffic; walkways to solve critical issues on existing routes that currently lead to uncontrolled foot traffic; punctual dissuasion interventions for uncontrolled foot traffic through planting information and / or dissuasive signs.

For the C3 and C4 Actions, areas dedicate to dune habitat qualification and the planting of typical species have been defined in the planning.

Finally, as part of the C5 and C6 actions, the planning identifies project areas where to strengthen Stipa veneta * populations, the priority target species of the project, and those for the eradication of the alien invasive species Oenothera stucchii.

The areas of interventions were initially identified by field inspections carried out by the project partners.

On the basis of the results obtained, EPC srl has drawn up a first draft of the planning, to be discussed with the project partners and shared with the Municipalities involved in LIFE Redune. During the discussion with the involved parties, changes and improvement proposals emerged. Such proposal were rediscussed among partners, to get to the final version of the project of interventions, carried out by EPC srl.

In August 2018, the project technical drawings were delivered to the Veneto Region, which submitted the documentation to the authorities responsible for checking the compatibility of the interventions from a landscape point of view.

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