A2 – The meeting with stakeholders @ Municipality of Cavallino Treporti

A2 – The meeting with stakeholders @ Municipality of Cavallino Treporti

Tuesday, October 9th 2018 at 6.30 pm, the consultation meeting was held with the public and private stakeholders of the territory at the Council Chamber of Cavallino Treporti (VE).

The Objectives of the meeting were the presentation of the project LIFE REDUNE project, the presentation of planned actions on the territory to the touristic and economic stakeholders and to promote a comparison between the project staff, the touristic operators and the municipality about the actions that will be carried out in the territory.

Prof. Gabriella Buffa (Ca ‘Foscari University – project coordinator) explained to the participants the project’s strengths and benefits for the territory both in environmental terms and about  economic-tourist activities.

A particular attention was given to the planned actions in Cavallino Treporti Municipality in order to inform people about the shared phases planned with the municipality.

In this area the following actions are planned to reduce the anthropic impact on the habitats:

  • plants’ thinning
  • construction of paths for access to the sea by the predisposition of fences to facilitate their identification and facilitate controlled use, discouraging use of some paths through the planting of thorny plants
  • Education of users with dissemination events and the placement of explanatory instruction panels and bollards panels as well
  • Eradication of the alien plant species that are colonizing the dunes such as Oenothera and Rosa Rugosa

After Prof.ssa Buffa’s speech, Lisa Causin (Regione Veneto) explained to the audience the Regione Veneto role in the project, she underlined in particular the relevance to create a working group finalized to promote the tourist operators’ education and to sign an agreement for the sustainable management of beaches.

At the end of the meeting, there was a debate between Life redune’s staff, touriust operators and the municipality of Cavallino Treporti.

During the debate they talked about the relevance to implement projects like LIFE REDUNE, according to  the good reply of the foreign tourists that are sensitive to the environmental topic.

Moreover they showed the need to guarantee the sea’s access, though by defined access, and to deepen the baccharis problem because it’s it is colonizing the dunes.

Meeting’s participants were very interested in project’s strategy and confirmed   their support for achieving the objectives.



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