A2 – The meeting with stakeholders @Municipality of Eraclea

A2 – The meeting with stakeholders @Municipality of Eraclea

Thursday, October 25th 2018 at 6.00 pm at the Council Chamber “Ca’ Manetti ”Piazza Garibaldi, Eraclea (VE) the consultation meeting was held with the public and private stakeholders of the territory.

The Objectives of the meeting were the presentation of the project LIFE REDUNE, the presentation of planned actions on the territory to the touristic and economic stakeholders and to promote a comparison between the project staff, the touristic operators and the municipality about the actions that will be carried out in the territory.

Prof. Gabriella Buffa (Ca ‘Foscari University – project coordinator) explained to the audience project’s strengths and benefits for the territory both in environmental terms and in terms of economic-tourist activities.

A particular attention was given to the planned actions in Cavallino Treporti Municipality in order to inform people about the shared phases planned with the municipality.

In this area the following actions are planned to reduce the anthropic impact on the habitats.

Then she explained  how the architectural design and the analysis of the conservation status of the habitats was carried out through the use of drones.

Prof. Gabriella Buffa illustrated the interventions planned in Eraclea’s municipal area: a fence will be placed to preserve an existing dune and  future educational interventions for tourism operators and citizens / tourists will be carried out.
Prof. Buffa then spoke about the intervention that will done at Laguna del Mort where privileged paths will be created, both through the positioning of walkways and fences, and closing the transverse dune crossings with thorny plants.

The in the Laguna del Mort’s interventions are the most difficult, in fact this site is  considered very important by stakeholders for his the naturalistic value, but at the same time the audience expressed concern about the difficulty of preserving these interventions because there is not any surveillance in the area.After the intervention of Prof. Buffa, Dr. Lisa Causin (Veneto Region) took a look at the role of the Veneto Region in the project, emphasizing in particular the importance of creating a work group aimed at promoting the training of operators in the area to sign an agreement for the sustainable management of beaches.

The meeting was also attended by the Assessor Patrizia Furlan of the Municipality of Eraclea who spoke about the dual role of the Municipality which at the same time has to  defend  the environment and listening to the requests of tour operators. The Assessor emphasized the importance of participation by tour operators in Life REDUNE project.

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