A2 – The meeting with stakeholders @Municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento

A2 – The meeting with stakeholders @Municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento

Monday November the 19th 2018 at 18.30  at the Council Chamber, San Michele al Tagliamento (VE)  the consultation meeting was held with the public and private stakeholders of the territory.

The meeting began with an overview of Prof. Buffa on the project’s progress, the preparatory actions are ending while the concrete actions are underway. Concrete actions foresee the reconstruction of natural habitats where they aren’t intact jet.

For the reconstruction of the dunes, low-impact methods were chosen: the dunes will be built using sand taken from the site and consolidated with wood bundles and native plants.

The areas of interest regard the municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento are:

  • Punta Tagliamento
  • Capalonga area
  • Vallevecchia (outside the municipal area but adjacent)

Prof. Gabriella Buffa illustrated to the audience the strengths of the project and the repercussions of benefit both in environmental terms and related to economic-tourist activities.

In particular she spoke  about the following interventions to reduce the anthropic impact on habitats:

  • Creation of paths for access to the sea through the preparation of fences in order to facilitate the identification and encourage controlled use, and to discourage the use of some paths through the planting of thorny plants
  • Stakeholder’s education through dissemination events, the positioning of educational explanatory panels and dissuading panels
  • Buffa also explained the need to eradicate the allochthonous plant species that are colonizing the dunes such as Oenothera stucchii and Rosa rugosa.
  • After this Dr. Lisa Causin (Veneto Region) explained the role of the Veneto Region in the project both from an economic and programmatic point of view.

In particular she spoke about the importance of creating a work group in order to promote the training of local operators and sign an agreement for the sustainable management of beaches.many of those present underlined the importance of projects such as Life REDUNE that brings value both from a naturalistic and a touristic point of view. The role played by the dunes in cases of atmospheric phenomena was also underlined.

The Mayor of San Michele al Tagliamento expressed satisfaction with the participation in the project, renewing the administration’s willingness to collaborate for the success and dissemination of the interventions.

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