The works at the Vallevecchia site, inside the SIC of Caorle – Foce Del Tagliamento, are ending.

The activities began on 12 November 2018 and involved a team of at least three people of the SELC until the first few days of December,

C3 action. Initially, the sections were cleaned by removing timber and plant and non-vegetal debris,

which were particularly abundant due to storm happened in early November, part of which were reused

for the creation of the dunes.

SELC worked on the sediment necessary to create the dunes using an excavator.

Subsequently the dunes were manually remodelled to uniform the altitude and create the natural profiles.

To give continuity and to guarantee a better protective function of the dune system,

SELC decided in three cases to join two sections, creating a single one. This increased work’s area.

The sections involved an area of ​​1,634 square meters, plus the two sections to be built in 2019.

Finally, over 1000 plants supplied by the project partner Veneto Agricoltura,

Veneto Agency for innovation in the primary sector, were transplanted manually in the restored stretches:

The plants delivered were:

Ammophila arenaria;

Elymus farctus;

Eryngium marittimum;

Echinophora spinosa;

Euphorbia paralias.

At the end of the planned activities in this area, in 2019 any dead plants will be restored in the meantime

and the transplant will be performed in the two sections of new construction, in addition to the further laying of protective bundles.


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