LIFE REDUNE flies to Spain: meeting with LIFE CONHABIT ANDALUSIA

From next 1st to 4th October the staff of the LIFE REDUNE project will be in Seville, to meet the members of the LIFE CONHABIT ANDALUSIA “Preservation and improvement in priority habitats on the Andalusian coast”. The Spanish project started in June 2014 and its main goal is to preserve and promote the integrity of the dune ecosystems present in 15 areas of the Natura 2000 network on the Andalusian coast.

The LIFE REDUNE delegation will be composed by Gabriella Buffa (Cà Foscari University of Venice – scientific coordinator of the project), Lisa Causin (Veneto Region – Department of Tourism, Department for Regional Biodiversity and Parks Strategy), Francesco Scarton (SELC – Biological Cooperative Society and applied geology), Simonetta Mazzucco and Roberto Fiorentin (Veneto Agricoltura – Veneto Agency for Innovation in Agriculture and the Environment) and Stefano Picchi (project manager, European Project Consulting).

Both initiatives fall within the European policies for the conservation of habitats and species belonging to the European flora and fauna that need protection, and to which a common policy to maintain or improve their conservation status and biodiversity applies.

The meeting between the two teams will therefore represent a moment of dialog for the presentation of the respective projects and their related experiences. This will be an useful occasion for LIFE REDUNE to verify the ways it is implementing its various actions, from the preparatory and conservation ones up to those related to monitoring and communication, for the achievement of its objectives.

The networking activity, which is an integral part of the LIFE REDUNE project, is fundamental not only to create an international network of subjects operating within the same fields but also to move forward towards a process of dissemination and exchange of knowledge, the so-called “best practices” that can be applied in the future.

This visit will therefore be an important opportunity of consultation for LIFE REDUNE participants in order to put into practice in the future any suggestions that will arise from the meeting with the representatives of the Spanish project.

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