LIFE REDUNE Tour – Seven days of Communication & Networking


An end of summer Tour” is about to begin. It is full of events for a varied audience to discover the dunes of the Northern Adriatic and will end in Spain to compare experiences and practices for the integrity of dune ecosystems in Andalusia.

As part of the Communication and Networking activities, the Life REDUNE project challenges four important events aimed at a very heterogeneous audience.


Friday September 27, contribution to the round table “From balconies to urban parks: designing green areas to conserve biodiversity” organized by ISPRA and the University of Cagliari, partners in the Life ASAP project, within Flormart 2019.

Dedicated to nurserymen and landscapers, the event will deepen the most correct gardening and green design practices to limit the spread of invasive alien species. In this context, Prof. Gabriella Buffa, coordinator of the Life REDUNE project will present environmental recovery activities on coastal dunes.


Saturday September 29, speech at the TEDx of Mestre-Awakening.Large city areas remain dormant, meaning, they “do not react” from an architectural, social, economic or environmental point of view to the stimuli coming from the surrounding world.

Dedicated to those who want to develop action strategies to reawaken these city areas, the event will give examples so that the interventions become seeds for a new virtuous development. In this sense Professor Gabriella Buffa, coordinator of the Life REDUNE project, will relate her experience of involving the various stakeholders in the protection and conservation activity of the dune areas.


Sunday September 29 guided nature walk for the families to discover the integrated natural reserve of Bosco Nordio (Sant’Anna di Chioggia -VE).

As part of the events “Fall in love with a few dunes” the Cà Foscari University, in collaboration with the cooperative Aqua and Veneto Agricoltura, organizes a naturalistic visit to discover and fall in love with the environment of the dunes of the Reserve. For the youngest, a treasure hunting game will stimulate their naturalistic curiosity.


From 1st to 4th October, meeting between the delegations of Life REDUNE and Life CONHABIT ANDALUSIA projects

The ultimate goal of the networking activities that the Life REDUNE project is establishing with those Life projects which share analogous themes, objectives or activities, is the restoration and conservation of the priority habitats present in the coastal dune areas of the Natura 2000 network and the promotion of the social awareness about the need to protect these spaces and ecosystems.

The LIFE REDUNE partners will meet the LIFE CONHABIT ANDALUSIA team, for a four days- long intensive collaboration between the two Life projects which is expected to deliver exchange of information and good practices; and build relationships and synergies to better use the tools developed by each of the two projects in order to improve territorial requalification interventions, raise the awareness of the different stakeholders and increase the visibility of each project, its contents and its activities.


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