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  • Restoration of dune bar continuity for 3,000 m
  • Redevelopment of approximately 92,000 sq. m. of shifting dunal habitat (2110-2120), with the planting of 35,000 species seedlings
  • Redevelopment of approximately 823,000 square meters of edafo-xerophilous series habitat:
  • Support Stipa veneta* population through the planting of 1,000 new individuals produced from seed
  • Creation of a quantitative database on the ecological services provided by dunal systems
  • Commissioning of 985 m of walkways and 9.300 m of fences
  • Guidelines on the Oenothera stucchii containment
  • Guidelines on the use of drones to monitor beaches
  • Guidelines on tour operator involvement in the protection of dunal habitats
  • Guidelines for the long-term participatory management of the beaches by stakeholders
  • The signing of a memorandum of understanding by public administrations, tour operators and environmental associations in order to ensure sustainable beach management
  • 72 environmental education guided tours dedicated to visitors and citizens
  • 8 events on Oenothera stucchii and invasive alien species dedicated to visitors and citizens
  • 30 training meetings aimed at tour operators and representatives of representatives of stakeholders (camp-sites, non-profit organisations, beach establishments, municipal technical offices)
  • 15 bilingual information panels, 8 indoor educational panels, 26 small outdoor panels